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greenville child support lawyer

Experienced Child Support Lawyer

Looking for a Greenville child support lawyer, we can help!


Money matters are always a major concern in any divorce proceeding. There is no denying the potential financial implications for both spouses in these matters.


South Carolina law has a number of provisions designed to ensure that both of the spouses and their children have the financial support necessary to accommodate their basic needs once the divorce has been finalized.

Often people are confused as to who receives and who pays support. The answer varies, however, generally the visiting parent has to pay support to the custodial parent. In situations where the parents share equal placement of the child on a 50/50 basis, generally the parties agree to provide for the basic needs of the child while in their respective placement and split medical and school expenses equally. If the parties in an equal placement situation agree to a formal child support amount, generally the higher wage earner would pay some amount of support to the other parent taking into consideration the equal amount of time the child is in the parents' respective placement.

At Law Office of Brittany Gray, in Greenville, SC, we represent clients on all sides of child support cases.


Whether you are seeking support for yourself or your child, or you will likely be the spouse ordered to pay support, our lawyer will do everything in her power to obtain the best available outcome on your behalf.

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