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Divorce Mediation Lawyer


Greenville Divorce Mediation Lawyer Near Me

greenville divorce mediation lawyer
greenville divorce mediation

Mediation in Family Law Cases

Looking for Greenville divorce mediation? We can help!


We understand that going through a divorce is already emotionally and financially difficult. The thought of having a Judge make orders regarding your finances, home, assets, and children can compound the situation.


However, not every divorce needs to be finalized by the traditional public court system and hiring an attorney does not mean that your case needs to become an outright battle.


Mediation is a process where parties meet with a neutral third person called a mediator either in person or virtually to help resolve either some or all of the issues in the case.

Mediation can occur at anytime in the divorce process, whether you have just filed your Petition or have been unable to resolve issues for several years. You can even go to mediation for specific issues after your divorce is finalized such as a modification of child support, spousal support, child custody or child visitation. If you and the other party are able to reach an agreement on either all or some of the pending issues, an agreement

will be drafted that day and signed by all those who participated. Signing this agreement ensures that both parties are bound by the terms reached in mediation.

At Law Office of Brittany Gray, in Greenville, SC, we can inform you whether mediation would be an asset in your case. 

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