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To Co-parenting and Beyond

Co-parenting is not a competition between the parents; it's a collaboration.

Two houses, one goal: happy, healthy, thriving children.

Just because your spouse or life partner was toxic for your marriage or relationship doesn't mean you have to always be at odds with one another. If you don't share children, congratulations, you can delete your ex from your life forever (if that's humanly possible).

But, if you share children, (whether those children are emancipated or minors) it's off to Co-parenting and Beyond for you!

The only competition in co-parenting should be the sports competition your child's little league team is playing in while you both cheer in unison on the sidelines–regardless of whose weekend it is with the kids. Collabs are all the rage right now. Have you noticed some of your favorite brands teaming up to release the latest and greatest "it" item? A quick scroll through Instagram or Facebook will reveal all sorts of collabs from musicians to sneakers to makeup to video games.

Two ideas blended together with a common goal in mind result in some amazing, “I never realized I needed that in my life” moments.

Why not apply this approach to co-parenting? Each parent has strengths and weaknesses. Before you quit reading, yes, even your horrible ex has some positive aspects that you can merge with your many strengths to raise a wholesome and loved child together while living separate lives. Collabs play on the strengths of each brand or artist and thrive in their target audience’s market.

Often people who are only attracted to the product because of their loyalty to one of the brands or artists, appreciate the product and are given an opportunity to experience something new and exciting that could not be possible without the collaboration from competing brands/artists.

Your child is a product of both parents, with traits and personalities inherited from each of you. The parents’ collaboration shouldn’t end after conception or after a divorce/breakup. There is plenty of space for both parents to shine individually and together in co-parenting.

Contact a Greenville family law attorney today to discuss your co-parenting plan. Call us at (864) 715-5130‬.

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